Furniture Design

 Trihold is a shelf designed to be light, flat pack, cheap and eco-friendly product. The simple hanging system as well as the light and recycled materials used on the design allow for easy installation, removal and transportation. It looks to reconsider the way we look and use shelfs in a more sustainable and practical way throughout our lives.

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Easy hanging system

For installing the shelf, simply hang the straps through the holes on the hook attached on the wall. Then, slide the plywood decks through the loops so the straps are placed in the tiny slots of the wood for a safer use.


Using existing car seatbelts or recycled nylon, the strap hugs around the boards freely allowing it to suspend its weigh. This makes the strap incredibly strong in extension while allowing it to be very thin and light. It consists of two main pieces which are sewed together in certain places creating the loops for hanging the wooden decks.

Plywood Decks

The decks for the shelf are from recycled plywood with a top and bottom smooth finish that comes in a variety of colours. On the sides of the decks, four slots were made with a depth of 2mm, exactly to fit and secure the straps from not moving.


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