Product Design

Eva's is an electric kettle design for the product line of the nordic company evasolo. This project looks to redefine one of the most common products used in the household while meeting the criteria of the company's character in a convenient, discreet and aesthetically pleasing way, leading to healthier water consumption due to better product operation, ergonomics and material selection. 

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Concept Ideation

Initial rapid sketches were used to explore a variety of product forms, characteristics and embodiments, in which four key directions were grouped and further analysed with more refined sketches until designs began forming. Once the kettle concepts became clearer, cardboard and foam prototypes were made for better and deeper understanding of the form and function and were then evaluated. Following the selection process, additional iterative development was conducted with a combination of sketching, modelling and CAD in order to bring the final design closer. 

Aesthetic Language

Quality - Health


Product Operation

With an attitude that allows it to be more appropriate to live in the home and providing a more honest representation of its function, the kettle becomes a subtle decorative object that moves away from the current over-designed, functional and sharp design language and adopts a more minimalistic and elegant character, like the one of evasolo.

Aesthetic Language

Product Experience

- Easy and secure lid design that uses haptic feedback

- Instant full access of the interior and ease of cleaning

- Minimising manufacturing cost and enhances durability

- Dramatically improved water quality due to stainless steel interior

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