- Here's a little bit about me,

I was born and grew up in Cyprus, a small Mediterranean island. I am a Serbian-Cypriot product designer who studied and lived in Cyprus, Barcelona and Brighton in the UK, which gave me a multicultural vision in understanding culture, people’s diversity and their needs.

I recently graduated from Brighton University with a BSc in Product Design and Technology, as part of the Other Today Studio, a circular and distributed design studio in London.

I am currently searching, learning and developing my skills in Barcelona, a city where good design is a tradition and requirement.

My objective is to solve problems through designing intelligent solutions, considering all aspects of good and sustainable design, rethinking the way we live, interact, produce and consume. I believe in changing the world through design that is purposeful and meaningful to the environment and future generations, creating products that are honest, functional, comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.


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